Jeanie Cheong

Jeanie Cheong - Consultant Neonatologist, Royal Women’s Hospital

Jeanie Cheong

Consultant Neonatologist, Royal Women’s Hospital

State or Territory:

  • Victoria

Primary position including institution/organisation:

  • Consultant Neonatologist, Royal Women’s Hospital
  • Principal Research Fellow, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute 

About Associate Professor Jeanie Cheong

  • Associate Professor Jeanie Cheong is a consultant neonatologist at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, and Co-Group Leader of the Victorian Infant Brain Studies team at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. Her research expertise is in the long-term health and developmental outcomes of high-risk infants especially those born preterm. She is the Director of the NHMRC CRE in Newborn Medicine, and the Convenor of the Victorian Infant Collaborative Study, a world-leading research team in epidemiological cohorts of extremely preterm newborns.

Why does preventing early birth matter to you?  

"As a Neonatologist and Clinician-Researcher interested in long term outcomes of preterm newborns, I am fully cognisant of the lifetime health and developmental challenges of being born early. If early birth is preventable, then it would be a considerable advance in reducing morbidity and mortality."
The Australian Preterm Birth Prevention Alliance is working to safely lower the rate of early birth across Australia.