Our Mission

The singular aim of the Australian Preterm Birth Prevention Alliance is to safely lower the rate of preterm birth in Australia.

The Alliance is a national partnership of clinical leaders, researchers, health departments, and communities working together to safely lower the rate of early birth, and with it, save untold heartache for Australian families.

Our objectives

  • To implement evidence based clinical guidelines capitalising on existing knowledge and tailored for each jurisdiction.
  • To establish the processes to enable monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation nationally and in each jurisdiction and on an ongoing basis.
  • For each jurisdiction to be represented on the Steering Committee by two members and wherever possible for this to include a senior and an early career person to ensure effective mentoring and succession planning into the future.
  • For there to be commonality and sharing of resources and badging where appropriate but for each jurisdiction to be encouraged to establish their own chapter and their own package of interventions suitable for their particular environment and in line with the aims of the Alliance.
  • To attract financial support from government and other funding agencies through collaboration of members and the Alliance as a whole.
  • To provide a platform for discovery research and multi-centred clinical trials relevant to the field in partnership with the IMPACT sub-committee of PSANZ.
  • To seek endorsement and collaborations with major national and state-based organisations, including consumers groups as appropriate.
  • To collaborate and partner with other national preterm birth prevention groups as they emerge and where considered appropriate.

Our impact

PLAY Our impact
A comprehensive preterm birth prevention program was introduced in the state of Western Australia encompassing new clinical guidelines, an outreach progress for health care practitioners, a public health program for women and their families based on print and social media, and a new clinic at the state's sole tertiary level perinatal centre for referral of those pregnant women at highest risk. The initiative had the single aim of safely lowering the rate of preterm birth.