Philippa Middleton

Philippa Middleton - Principal Research Fellow, SAHMRI Women and Kids

Philippa Middleton

Principal Research Fellow, SAHMRI Women and Kids

State or Territory:

  • South Australia

Primary position including institution/organisation:

  • Principal Research Fellow, SAHMRI Women and Kids

About Roberto Orefice

  • Associate Professor Philippa Middleton co-leads the Pregnancy and Perinatal Care Pillar of SAHMRI Women and Kids. She is a perinatal epidemiologist and implementation scientist working in the areas of preterm birth prevention, stillbirth prevention, nutrition and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health. She also has a particular interest in smoking cessation in pregnancy, health and social equity, and health literacy. 
  • Philippa is an executive member of the Stillbirth CRE and Safer Baby Bundle and chief investigator on NHMRC and MRFF-funded studies addressing early life. She is an editor of Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth and sits on the Expert Advisory Committee for the Department of Health/NHMRC Pregnancy Care Guidelines.

Why does preventing early birth matter to you?  

"Early birth can have potentially devastating and long-term consequences, with a greater burden for some families. Preterm birth is increasing in many places, indicating that we need to change our thinking - and our actions - in pregnancy care.  By working together as an Alliance we have a much greater chance of reducing preterm birth and improving the quality of life for those born too early."  
The Australian Preterm Birth Prevention Alliance is working to safely lower the rate of early birth across Australia.